Senior Communities

Bermuda is undergoing a historic transition from a young to an aging society. The Senior Solutions Ltd. (SSL) mission is to address the issues which will face Bermuda and Bermudians in this transition, by developing quality supportive living options. SSL is planning modern facilities that will include nutrition, education, and physical therapy, as well as modern interior design and systems, that are enjoyable, welcoming, and supported by world-class strategic partners and affiliates.

The Village - Independent Living

The Plaza – Day and Respite Care Community



Senior Solutions Ltd will be the premier provider of senior care communities

  • that enhance overall health and well-being,
  • through the provision of well-managed,
  • sustainable and progress care communities,
  • that are enjoyable, welcoming, and supported
  • by world-class strategic partners and affiliates.

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Personal solutions for Housing, Care, and Financial Issues
as you approach your senior years

SSL’s Mission

SSL is a local Bermuda company established in 2013 to address the island wide issues
Bermuda is facing as it transitions from a young to an aging society through:

  • identifying constraints on providing care systems for seniors
  • developing senior care communities and community centers
  • assisting individuals to be financially prepared for their senior years

Leadership Team

delMonte Davis – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Former Chair of Bermuda’s LCCA focused on the welfare of seniors. B.S. University of Hartford

Patrice Horner – President and Chief Operating Officer
CFP® and MBA in Finance, extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Corporate Mgt, and Finance

Tim Kempe – Vice President and Director 
Real Estate Developer and Manager for residential and commercial projects in Canada and Bermuda

Viv Redford – Treasurer and Director 
Chairman of the Total Group of Companies, as well as President & CEO of Total Office Management Ltd.

Steve Thomson – Director
Founder of Mailboxes Unlimited Ltd. Past Chairman of BPHL Ltd and C Travel Ltd. B.S. Cornell

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Future Potential

There are opportunities to develop senior living and care spaces for Bermudians

  • Premier properties will be developed to target the mid-range and the affluent market
  • Centrally located senior community center with respite services will be affordable
  • Properly scaled developments designed to compliment local neighborhoods across the island 
  • The SSL communities are focused on meeting local demand for effective and economical care

Project Team

There are opportunities to develop senior living and care spaces for Bermudians

Development Advisor and Operations Manager – Greystone Communities
Advisor – Cushman Wakefield Medical & Healthcare Advisory Group 
Architect – Linberg & Simmons and OBM International
General Contractor – D&J Construction
Marketing and Research – The Total Group


Residential Living Communities

Design features—pleasant and comfortable common amenities along with personalized spacious home spaces
Service packages—full array of convenient services provided in a monthly fee. Other services can be requested Ala Carte, including healthcare services
Financial guidance—personalized assistance to review financial options and plans to meet ongoing care needs


Key Findings for Care

Many current care options for seniors are near capacity. 
Development needs to catch-up to demand.

According to the Age Concern Stats survey of Aging Trends:

  • 12% of the seniors indicated an interest in affordable housing
  • 25% of seniors currently live alone
  • 16% of seniors expect care in a nursing home.

Current capacity in Bermuda is estimated at 485 rooms, including the Bermuda Housing Trust (BHT) cottage colonies. With a 5% coverage of the senior population over 65, it would argue for another 100 beds now.

If the demand for accommodations for seniors is close to 10%, the demand for additional spaces would be 1,000 more in 5 years.

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