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Tax Planning

The international aspects of the US tax system are extremely complex; not only are the statutes and regulations alien to non US-based firms, the additional informational returns relating to almost all aspects of an expat’s international lifestyle are complicated and carry stiff penalties if not...

Risk Management

Risk Management is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan. If tragic events like death, disability or critical illness strike, insurance can protect you and your family from undue hardship. Some life insurance policies also provide tax-advantaged savings that you can draw on to...

Business Success

Financial Planning for Business Owners Business owners face unique challenges—and opportunities—in terms of financial planning. You’ve worked hard to develop your ideas into a successful business, or perhaps you’re considering moving into self-employment. Regardless of your situation, choose a...

Charitable Giving

Everyone has their own reason for gifting their assets or a portion of their income to charitable organizations. Some find comfort in helping others who are less fortunate, while others simply want to share their good fortune. Many of the institutions of art, sciences and education are supported in...

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today has taken on many new dimensions that never had to be considered by earlier generations. For one, people are living longer. A person who turns 65 today could be expected to live over 20 years in retirement as compared to a retiree in 1950 who lived, on average, an...

Senior Housing

Bermuda is undergoing a historic transition from a young to an aging society. The Senior Solutions Ltd. (SSL) mission is to address the issues which will face Bermuda and Bermudians in this transition, by developing quality supportive living options. SSL is planning modern facilities that will...

Your Finances

Benefits from a Financial Consultation A Financial Consultation is about more than preparing for retirement. It’s about working to achieve short- and long-term goals, and helping protect the most important things in your life. As a Financial Consultant, we work with you to create a plan that...

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Patrice Horner |
Managing your cash flow has become critical since this Covid crisis emerged. Most have lost or have reduced income. To meet this historic challenge the governments have legislated emergency financial assistance for those unemployed after the business stoppage. Before requesting an early distribution from your retirement savings or using financial support for continuing expenditures as usual, it is a time to look at your spending patterns and habits. Zero-based budgeting is a good discipline. Scrutinize...
SSL Senior Solution Ltd. |
If you’re a beginning investor, it’s likely you’re concentrating on building your portfolio. But as important as it is to build that portfolio, you should also ensure that it’s diversified. Why is a diversified portfolio so important? There are three key reasons why diversifying is important: A diversified portfolio helps minimize risk. Stocks can be a risky investment at any time, but with a diversified portfolio, you can help minimize the risk by spreading that...
SSL Senior Solution Ltd. |
*This content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information provided is not written or intended as tax or legal advice and may not be relied on for purposes of avoiding any Federal tax penalties. Individuals are encouraged to seek advice from their own tax or legal counsel. Individuals involved in the estate planning process should work with an estate planning team, including their own personal legal or tax counsel. Neither...